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Caterpillar SIS Full 2020-01 installation step-by-step
Caterpillar SIS Full DataSet 2020-01 + Step-by-step installation guide

Size of installation is 134GB

[Image: 7e40425074b87ca24ad85cecbb182557.jpeg]

[Image: e52373df36c1ab0c8102e6f7f039760f.jpeg]
[Image: 3ac28af30673bed65c271146acb1208d.jpeg]
[Image: 03e4418894bc646a2ae2e1e4c090501e.jpeg]
[Image: 493c48a8c1f2e9fa18a6b39aca521e22.jpeg]
[Image: 091593b7278d8a2848720046c69d17ad.jpeg]
[Image: 70926add7171693ddfa9f7f6e7e22f03.jpeg]
[Image: 9e164b0c9468eaa9b5cb3b4ca6aca149.jpeg]
[Image: 1c0bb62281c6e43a2bd413db2cf27807.jpeg]

Free link, no passwords. 

"Thanks" and "Reputation" are welcome)

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hello brother

iso 11 not working if you have another links

thanks a lot
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  • SerJ-R
Sorry, no another links.
Try to re-load from Mega, maybe this file was not right downloaded.
Maybe, its Mega have some problems (try to download some later).
All the other customers said all works fine.
I have changed the structure and name of some folders in the Caterpillar installation, and I am attaching a new link,

in which the necessary databases are located in the corresponding folders.

Due to the fact that the structure has changed slightly in the fresh edition, REDR disks instead of 4 pieces became 5 pieces,

and instead of CD 01-SD 26 disks, USB1-USB4 should be considered.

Before copying data from the USB1-USB4 disks, it is required to additionally unpack the databases in EACH of these folders to obtain the ISO image.

Most likely you have already downloaded the REDR10-REDR15 disks and the USB1-USB4 folders, just place them in the corresponding

Caterpillar 2019-01 installation folders (correspond to step 02 and step 09 in 2019-01 installation).

There is no difference, the newer data works fine with the shell from 2019-01.

Have a nice day and great mood!

There is a link in attach with corrected installation of 2019-01 with DataBase folders 2019-07:

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Caterpillar SIS 2020-01 is availible by the same link now!

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