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VmWare Etka 8.2 Free For All
VmWare12 Etka 8.2 Free For All

Size 36GB total, 14GB archived (4 parts WinRAR) MEGA linк.

Etka 8.2 by XTR3M3 with FGST-file from 8.1 dated 2020-08-01, including updater

Update 2020-08-26:
-Audi 1361
-Seat 887
-Skoda 893
-VW 1361

There is NO online decoding of VIN-codes!

Etka need to be updated every week.  If you don`t update a long time, software will not starts until be updated, and update takes a long time.

Thanks and Reputation are wellcome!

Main Screen:
[Image: 801765b9740a970549615e0e5411cbf4.jpg]

Program Versions:
[Image: 8f7c5c3057030d6b663dd1b9767c7736.jpg]
[Image: 3634a548c2b75dd9012e53d8914fc608.jpg]
[Image: 2ae3b75cfaacfb24e7c039a394574e0c.jpg]
[Image: 4c9401616980b3dd26f22d5897617e16.jpg]
[Image: 331b2ac2007a730349d0aa68b7e88cab.jpg]

Program Work:
[Image: 90c63dda2a2dec46862742e3cef875ee.jpg]
[Image: 616a9069409d0a3b01d1e05708ec0601.jpg]
[Image: 7ba040c9e87bf46bcd0d532f35614709.jpg]
[Image: 3e95690e17cdafa94028543308c46724.jpg]


Thanks and reputation are wellcome!

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File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 4 times
Size: 583 bytes
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 4 times
Size: 214 bytes
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