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VmWare Hyundai Robex + SM
VmWare12 Hyundai Robex + Online Excavators and Forklifts SM cost 50$

Size: 33GB total, 20GB compressed (WinRAR)

 - Hyundai Heavy Industries Co -
HCE e-Catalogue2 Robex 2017-01
Excavators Service Manuals Online
Forklifts Service Manuals Online

To get a payment data and receiving a link with password to download program, write to private messages.

[Image: 6fae03cd8040465ea759e3c33551bac0.jpg]
[Image: 46644283a0786da8000533735ca554cb.jpeg]
[Image: c0c87da5e03639115a8bd37d0f2e0e94.jpeg]
[Image: 3fe25aae0fdcfdc4769f9f90ea181406.jpeg]
[Image: c564de0f51c74dcffbe64c8ab132954c.jpeg]
[Image: d05cf530ea5f5fb0549705a953777600.jpeg]
[Image: 88e3f9926e20eb076e2775be0b0d606d.jpeg]
[Image: 279042dad210c78c0d7af0761d11466e.jpeg]
[Image: b13d6f62d1706bc93ec60a9d473c282d.jpeg]

If you use this VM - remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation" ))[/b]

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