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VmWare Isusu All
VmWare12 Isuzu CSS LinkOne 2020-04 + CSS Online Manuals in Windows7-32bit cost 90$

    Size 37,5GB total, 22GB compressed (Winrar).

Isuzu LinkOne CSS books 2020-04
Isuzu Epc5 WorldWide 2018-03
Isuzu Epc5 Industrial Engines 2015-06
Isuzu CSS Online Workshop and Owner Manuals

To get the data on payment for the program and get a link for downloading with password to unpack, write to private messages.
Main screen:
[Image: 2ee30bf06942389152affbfc790d672b.jpg]
CSS 2020-04 Start:
[Image: 1a09101a2dae6393faf5ca30bee994fb.jpg]
CSS PartNumber:
[Image: 6ded3056652aec77df9fe3baf1b31974.jpeg]
[Image: df2a8cf714a15b45bccaeea838423b2f.jpeg]
[Image: 19759fa156c11cf11db7332dca839bf0.jpeg]
[Image: ad63553c089645da4b2db917ac5f1fd9.jpeg]
[Image: c71996985ea7fc5ab02222f8788dcfda.jpeg]
[Image: 7da4e2064b0ce53e868a601b1f7248d9.jpeg]
[Image: 3a507b143919e4fac7f41acadc37aa0c.jpeg]
[Image: e5a707a47a07a28abcafa3514c8eae76.jpeg]

If you uses this VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

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Virtuals LIST.txt
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Size: 50 bytes
Virtual machine is updated!

Added new Isuzu CSS-Net 2020-04!

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