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VmWare12 Honda General 2019-03 Free for all
Honda General 2019-03 in VMWare12 Win7-32bit FREE FOR ALL

    Size 15 GB total, 4.6GB compressed (WinRAR)

Honda Electronic Parts Catalogue v4.0 2019-03 for GENERAL market.
It does not recognize European and Turkish VIN-codes, only General.

Main Windows:
[Image: 2404ef12bfa3d08838d3ba41a321cce5.jpg]

Program Version:
[Image: aa494044408ff7f9e79ab73913631832.jpg]

Program Work:
[Image: 9f7a35b7990fbf5965dd39aecfa8c516.jpg]
[Image: 9611f041b5a73800590a48271f13effa.jpg]
[Image: 0538cb8ea8e83f10587eaa6248c07c20.jpg]
[Image: 7b7e795fe50f892c26dfb7b964ea817e.jpg]
[Image: 86490df773910997a44dfab70b711cec.jpg]

DataFolder Size:
[Image: 4ac65ccb5f559bd569f324f22e7330e4.jpg]

No password need!  If you use this VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation" ))

Attached Files
File Type: .rar
Downloaded: 3 times
Size: 950 bytes
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