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DAF VCI Won't work fine
Hello everyone,

I bought a DAF VCI 560 last week from someone but when I connected with the vehicle all the lights on the VCI light up indicating everything is okay but on computer it does not retrieve the vehicle data like chassis number and VIN until you fill them manually, and when you feed them manually it can only read ASTRONIC and fail to read all the other controls like engine, brake and others. When I tried using other VCI it worked well. Anyone with an idea what is wrong there please help!

I purchased the same DAF VCI 560 from baltic (Lituanie ) two months ago.
I still have important issues.
The VCI itself: it works well.
Davie software: it works partially only: I take the controle of my EBS ECU only. For all the othhers, DAVIE tells me my CAN bus is very week ( true: CAN H and CAN LOW under 1.5 volts ).
I've spent plenty of time duplicating my DAVIE installation from one PC to another, to better understand how this software works. I probably can help you. Please ask.

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