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DAF VCI Won't work fine
I purchased the same DAF VCI 560 from baltic (Lituanie ) two months ago.
I still have important issues.
The VCI itself: it works well.
Davie software: it works partially only: I take the controle of my EBS ECU only. For all the othhers, DAVIE tells me my CAN bus is very week ( true: CAN H and CAN LOW under 1.5 volts ).
I've spent plenty of time duplicating my DAVIE installation from one PC to another, to better understand how this software works. I probably can help you. Please ask.

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DAF VCI Won't work fine - by Mrisho - 09-22-2022, 08:20 AM
RE: DAF VCI Won't work fine - by gearcall - 12-11-2022, 06:49 PM

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