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Remote Install - Mitchell OnDemand, Estimating, Prodemand, TruckEst, Repair Center
Remote Install - Mitchell OnDemand, Estimating, Prodemand, TruckEst, Repair Center

Mitchell OnDemand 2015 - $75
Mitchell On Demand is an information base for the repair of all brands of cars in the American market - it describes in detail how to repair and perform maintenance and diagnostics, and calculate the standard hours. The program contains a wide range of wiring diagrams, a database of spare parts, and recommendations for the repair of automatic transmissions and manual transmissions.

Mitchell UltraMate Estimating 7.1.242 2022 - $75
Mitchell UltraMate Estimating 2022 + TruckEst 2020 - $149

Mitchell Estimating (before UltraMate) is the advanced estimating system that comes equipped with Mitchell proven technology to help you automatically create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry. Estimating accuracy combined databases with industry-leading automated calculations and repair procedure pages that virtually eliminate errors.
[Image: Mitchell-Estimating-UltraMate.jpg]

Mitchell Prodemand USA Online 1 year - $215
[Image: Mitchell-On-Prodemand.jpg]

Mitchell Repair Center Online 1 year - $169

Mitchell TruckEst - $49
TruckEst software combines estimating functionality with accurate, reliable data from Mitchell, so it's simple to reference part descriptions, labor times, and refinishing times
[Image: Mitchell-TruckEst.jpg]

Mitchell Dimensions Catalog Eng 2008-2020 - $199

Dimensions catalogue, chassis, bottom, upper - database with PDF files in English
List of inside files
[Image: Mitchell-Dimensions.jpg]

Need it? Write to me to discuss.

Cool I can help to install diagnostic car's programs Cool

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