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Scania SDP3 2.46.1 + Emulator [2021]
Scania SDP3 2.46.1 + Emulator [2021]

Year / Date of Release : 2021

Version : 2.46.1

System Requirements : A computer is required to use the program !!! For the program to work properly, this hardware must meet certain system requirements, see the "System Requirements" section.

Interface language : Multilingual


Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) communicates with Scania vehicles and Scania industrial and marine engines.
The program is designed to ensure the operation of the electrical system in the CAN network.
The program is used for the following purposes: • troubleshooting;
• customization of customer parameters;
• calibration;
• transformations affecting the electrical system;
• software updates in control units.

For diagnostics, you need a VCI2 or VCI3 adapter


1. Install Adobe Reader from Adobe website.
2. Run as administrator 1.cmd. Press any key. To restart a computer. (Test Mode will always be written on the desktop)
3. Install Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 2.46.1 and additional programs that will begin to install themselves.
4. After finishing, from the Driver folder corresponding to your Windows (x32 or x64) run _install.exe. Agree to install an unsafe driver.
5. Run Hardware ID Reader.exe and copy the code.
6. Run Protection REG.exe -> Paste the copied code into the upper wide Fingerprint field -> Click Decode Fingerprint -> Generate.
A .reg file (register data) will appear in the installation folder. We launch it and confirm the message.
7. Copy two files from the Fix folder to the folder with the installed program.
8. Run Time.exe and click the Crack button.
9. Restart your computer.

To upgrade from the previous version, follow only steps 3 and 7.
If an error occurs during installation, remove the Kvaser Can Driver WHCP and repeat step 3.

[Image: e15e20f72dfd8c629fabd0f724a8fd53.png]

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