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VmWare Etka 8.3 2023-10
VmWare Etka 8.3 Xtr3m3  2023-10 with updater in Windows7(32bit) price $65.

Size 52GB total, 35GB archived (WinRAR)

Etka 8.3 International Xtr3m3 with loader/updater and additional VIN pack (100 000 decoded VINs).

2023-09-30 versions:
Audi  upd 1512
VW    upd 1512
Seat    upd 1048
Skoda upd 1054
Commercial upd 1522
Price upd 359

There is NO ONLINE decoding of VIN-codes.

The ETKA including Xtr3m3 loader/updater.  Better to update every week. If you don`t update a long time, update will takes a long time.

[b]To get the data on payment for the program and get a link for downloading with password to unpack, write to private messages.

Main Windows:
[Image: 1-Main-Windows.jpg]

Loader Start:
[Image: 2-Loader-start.jpg]

Program work:
[Image: 3-Program-started.jpg]
[Image: 4-VIN-decoded.jpg]
[Image: 5-Group-and-Detail-select.jpg]
[Image: 6-Part-Number-select.jpg]
[Image: AU-1522-359.jpg]
[Image: Comm-1522-359.jpg]
[Image: SE-1048-359.jpg]
[Image: SK-1054-359.jpg]

If you use that VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )[/b]

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Virtuals LIST 2023 new.txt
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Size: 330 bytes
Etka 8.3 Virtual Machine is updated to version 2023-09-30 updates 1522/1048/1054/359 !

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