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for everyone ...
guys, sorry if I make you waste a minute of your time, but ... what I'm about to tell you, not only concerns me, but also you.
I am getting several messages asking me for the various passwords of the various software published by "Gramir" on
I am not the Gramir of automotive forum, and .... this .. Gramir, does not really exist, it is the administrator who created one of the many fake profiles to attract users to the forum, users who have to pay for access.
don't be fooled !!! if you see posts with new software, and new kgs, you will never receive anything, and only one .. "mirror" to attract users.
the administrator and a fake person doing this.
if someone paid for access to the forum, or made donations .. open disputes with paypal, do not let your money be stolen !!!!
I repeat ...... I am the gramir of this fantastic forum, not of others .... sorry .. greetings
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Thank you so much my friend for the note
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webmaster Wrote:Thank you so much my friend for the note
spin it……..

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