Full Version: VmWare GMNA (GM North America) 2023-09
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VmWare GM North America  2023-09 in Win2008R2SP1 64bit price 110$

  Size 140GB total, 78GB archive (WinRAR)

General Motors North America (update 2023-09-18) is including:
  -Canada with price
  -USA with price

From the version 2022-03, the terms of use of the program in VM have been changed.
Program is licensed for next 3 years.
Message "Please update,  your version is old" deleted.
Also only 64bit Windows version, for use more RAM and faster work.

Regarding payment and receiving a linк with password to download, write to private messages.

Main Menu:
[Image: 1-Main-windows-GMNA.jpg]

Version info:
[Image: 7-Program-Version.jpg]

Program work:
[Image: 2-Program-Start.jpg]
[Image: 3-Marque-and-Model-Select.jpg]
[Image: 4-Group-Select.jpg]
[Image: 5-Part-Number.jpg]
[Image: 6-Language-Select.jpg]

If you use this VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )
This is 03.2020, now available update into 06.2020, about 1-2 month not available update.
The NEW! GMNA v3 Version is installed !
Program is updated to 2021-06-16 !

Previous version GMNA 2020.12 with update 2021-05-24 is also available, ISO or VmWare !
Program is updated to 2021-06-28 !

Previous version GMNA 2020-12 with update 2021-05-24 is also available, ISO or VmWare !
VM is updated to 2021-07-06 !
VM is updated to 2021-07-19 !
VM is updated with GMNA version 2021-08-16 !
VM changed with GMNA release 2021-07-09 update 2021-08-23 !
VM is updated with GMNA 2021-09-13 !
VM is updated with Snap-On GMNA 2021-11-15 !
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