Full Version: Search for Etis with wiring offline
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Hi to all. I am in search for Ford Etis with wiring offline. I think version 2008.  I have no luck with Etis vm image  (link dead). Or maybe medicine for Etis 2008 because i have software but no medicine to enable it
please check this
(11-30-2021, 07:09 PM)webmaster Wrote: [ -> ]please check this
Thanks a lot. I will check it. Is there maybe a medcine or activator? I think that this version require some type of activation.
Crack :
1.  install the program from the list, run Setup_EN.exe itself (I installed it on the C: \\ drive), when you vibrate, vibrate using the "CTRL" button on the keyboard.
2. Install Adobe reader 11 and Adobe svg viewer 3.03. So, as the program is working on Java, you may need to install it.
3. crack
4. Change the files from the crack
5. In config.ini !!!! beastly respect (I installed on the C: \\ drive)

#FordEtis Offline Configuration
#Wed Sep 24 17:31:46 GMT 2008
dvd.label = FORDETIS0508 = C \: \\ FordEtis \\ local
dvd.default.language = en
connection.profile = internet
sbd.session.persist .location = C \: \\ FordEtis \\ local \\ sessionpersistence = RU
dvd.db.dir = C \: \\ FordEtis \\ db
dvd.encryption = 20040413160548
dvd.installationid = 76849
dvd.localver = 20080415070000
ids.dir = C \: / Program Files / Ford Motor Company / IDS / Runtime / Tabman.exe
dvd.dir = C \: \\ FordEtis \\ data

6. On the FordEtis IDS label, click with the right bear and the authorities have the Summiness tab, set Summarily from windows XP sp 2, and launch from the administrator's name.
7. Launching FordEtis IDS, check it as soon as it is displayed in the FordEtis IDS web server and IE11, and then go to IE11 menu panel - service - parameters for peeking at the madness mode. At the offensive window, the address of the yak appeared at the window of the FordEtis IDS
8 web server . Restarting FordEtis IDS