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Posted by: tommi89
02-27-2023, 10:22 AM
Forum: Automotive Software.
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Anyone has torrent for ford ids 81 or 89 with calibration dvd?

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-18-2023, 08:48 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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Remote install - Olympian Compass EPC (for FG Wilson Generator)

Olympian Compass - $89
It's an electronic spare parts catalog of original for FG Wilson. It has information on the maintenance of equipment, software, special instructions.

English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese
[Image: Olympian-Compass-EPC.jpg]

Need it? Write to me for details.

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-18-2023, 08:46 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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Remote install - Bosch ESI [tronic] 1.2013 Full, eCATalogue

Bosch ESI on VMware $39
Bosch ESI (directly install) - $65
[Image: 1e298ea9ba7eba9854b39e733aeeb781.jpg?r=1]

Bosch eCATalogue - $30
This is a program with a database of catalogs for spare parts and vehicles with information on the application, the data are equal to the well-known printed catalogs. The catalog contains vehicles (more than 20 thousand items) and products (more than 330 thousand items). The program provides a quick and easy way to access the contents of already known printed catalogs and lists with information on the application.

Need it? Write your question.

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Posted by: SerJ-R
02-16-2023, 05:10 PM
Forum: Automotive Software.
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Mercedes Price list PL77 2023-01 in English hand-made, FREE FOR ALL

Microsoft Access database, 1.76GB unpacked size

Please, appreciate this work pushing this two buttons: "Thanks" and "Reputation"

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-09-2023, 01:11 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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Remote Install - JCB Parts Plus, Service Parts Pro, Service Manuals, ServiceMaster Diagnostic, ServiceMaster Unlock Key Generator, JCB Security Unlock Key Calculator

JCB ServiceMaster 4 23.1.0 01.2023 - $159
JCB ServiceMaster 4 21.9.3 10.2021 - $99
JCB ServiceMaster 4 20.8.2 2020 - $55

JCB ServiceMaster 4  is diagnostic software, which contains complete information for diagnostics and calibration of agricultural machinery and engines company JCB.
[Image: JCB-ServiceMaster-4-Diagnostic-.jpg]

JCB ServiceMaster Unlock Key Generator 2020 (Normal, High Security, WinEEM4) lifetime - $199
Allows you to calculate response values for security unlock for all facilities in ServiceMaster 2 and 4 programs along with security parameters: reset EMS hours, change the speed limit, and many more.
[Image: JCB-ServiceMaster-Unlock-Keygen-2020.jpg]

JCB Parts Plus+ 2016 - $65
JCB parts catalog is original spare parts and repairs and maintenance for construction equipment, loaders, engines. The catalog contains spare parts, repairs, maintenance for all construction equipment. The catalog includes crawler excavators, wheel excavators, telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders, frontal loaders, mini loaders, and other construction equipment.

JCB Service Parts Pro 2015 - $59
JCB Service Parts Pro is the original catalog for the selection of spare parts for all JCB equipment. The JCB spare parts catalog includes wheeled and tracked excavators, mini excavators, loaders, tractors, mini tractors, etc.

JCB 8055, 8065 Mini Excavator Service Repair Manual - $39

JCB Service Manuals 2017 - $29 (you need to have installed JCB Service Parts Pro or JCB Parts Plus)
JCB Compact Service Manuals is the factory documentation for the maintenance and repair, wiring diagrams of all JCB equipment, as well as engines that are installed on JCB equipment (Isuzu, Deutz, Cummins).
[Image: JCB-Service-Manuals.jpg]

JCB Security Unlock Key Calculator 0.2 (with USB dongle) - $765
[Image: JCB-Security-Calc.jpg]

Need it? Write to me for details.

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-08-2023, 11:28 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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DPA5 CHN - Good truck diagnostics device with European Union quality

DPA 5 CNH is the only adapter to fully diagnose all CNH equipment, including engines. Unlike DPA 5 (blue) it supports k-line operation, thus, it allows not only general diagnostics of the system using the EST program but also engine tests (E.A.SY. program called from EST).

What can do

  • Checking the status of parameters

  • Reading errors and malfunctions

  • Run diagnostic tests

  • Block Parameter Programming

  • Monitor active diagnostics and diagnostic history

  • View and modify block configurations

  • View diagnostic procedures and diagrams

  • Using the asist database

  • Running scope diagnostics
Supports system
  • New Holland (Agriculture and Construction)

  • New Holland FK (Fiat-Kobelco)

  • New Holland O&K (Orenstein & Koppel)

  • CASE (Agriculture and Construction)



  • Iveco (Astra) (articulated dump trucks only)

  • Flexi-coil

  • Sumitomo (S.H.I.)

  • Link-belt
Works with diagnostic programs
  • CNH Electronic Service Tool (Engineering) and higher

  • CNH Electronic Service Tool Diagnostic Procedures

  • E.A.SY.
  • DPA5 OEM 380002884

  • 9 pin cable - Deutsch

  • USB cable
Price $1119(shipping included)
[Image: CHN-DPA5.jpg][Image: CHN-DPA5-.jpg]

Need it? Write to me to discuss the details.

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-08-2023, 11:25 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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ECUDecoder Tools - DPF, EGR, Lambda, Adblue, NOX, DTC, CAT, HotStart, Flap, O2, Speedlimit, Torqmonitoring, Start-Stop

ECUDecoder Tools (Full license + 1 year free updates + USB dongle) - $2200 (without shipping)
ECUDecoder 1 year subscription - $469

ECUDecoder Tools (list of functions and supported ECU)
[Image: ECUDecoder-Tools.jpg]

Need it? Write to me to discuss the details.

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-06-2023, 11:15 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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Remote install - Jaguar Land Rover JLR Pathfinder, SDD, EPC, Microcat, CCF Editor, Service Manual, Wiring Diagrams

JLR Pathfinder (with online updates) - $155
Pathfinder is the all-new diagnostic system specifically designed and released for the introduction of the following vehicles.

Land Rover: Range Rover L405 (17MY), Range Rover Sport L494 (17MY), New Discovery L462 (17MY)
Jaguar: F-TYPE X152 (18MY), F-PACE X761 (18MY), XE X760 (18MY), XF X260 (18MY)

These vehicles have been designed to communicate with new high-speed communication protocols. This allows faster software download, programming, and communication, making it faster to use and saving valuable time. These vehicles can only communicate with the all-new Pathfinder diagnostic software using the new Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) unit which conforms to the new communication protocol.

Jaguar Land Rover JLR IDS SDD (with calibrations files) - $85
Jaguar Land Rover JLR IDS SDD (without calibrations files) - $45
Configure drivers JLR SDD for VAS5054, VAS6154, Ford VCM - $20
The official software for the diagnosis and repair of cars Jaguar, Land Rover. Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) doesn't have the functionality to communicate with these 2017 model year vehicles.

JLR SDD Coded Access Password with 2000 Times Online Activation - $135
JLR SDD Coded Access Password with 100 Times Online Activation - $65

It works for:
1. For Jaguar:
CCF Editor
ODO APP (X150)
ODO APP (X250)
ODO APP (X351)
Software Download
VID Block Editor
VIN Bypass
Recover Keys (X351)

2. For Land Rover:
CCF Editor
ODO APP (L316))
Erase Keys (L322)
ODO APP (L322)
Recover Keys (L322)
Option 8
Software Download
Vehicle Update (Only Taiwan Models)

JLR CCF Tools 4.6 (for Pathfinder, SDD) - $75
The CCF tools is standalone applications that can be used in conjunction with SDD or Pathfinder software. There is an option to copy downloaded and edited files to relevant folders for SDD and Pathfinder, for Pathfinder you should use upload and let Pathfinder download them on its own.
This application allows downloading the vehicle’s CCF by VIN as built and as well as configuration files for all SDD and Pathfinder approved vehicle models. Then edit the entire vehicle configuration file for all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, all vehicles using SDD software or Pathfinder.
The application supports SOAP-encoded VBF* files that sometimes emerge from the JLR. CCFs of similar generations can be compared using the improved compare function, which now allows the opening of ZIP files containing CCF.
CCF Tools 4.6 Features
read VBF, search by keyword
read header
compare VBF files
Translation, Efg Common Code
[Image: JLR-CCF-Tools-4-6.jpg]

Jaguar EPC 2018 - $59

Jaguar EPC 2013 - $39
Spare parts catalog that contains for the legendary English Jaguar brands: Daimler Limousine Jaguar S-Type Jaguar X-Type Jaguar XJ6 & XJ12 (XJ40) Jaguar XK8 Coupe / Conv. Series III Saloon The New XJ Range XJ Series XJS Sports Coupe / Conv.
[Image: Jaguar-EPC.jpg]

Land Rover Microcat 2014 - $35
The Land Rover Microcat auto parts catalog contains spare parts information for the legendary Land Rover and Range Rover brands that once belonged to the Rover Group.
[Image: Land-Rover-Microcat.jpg]

JLR Seed Code Calculator - $159

JLR CCF Editor - $330
This application allows the download of the vehicle CCF by VIN number in as-built and as-is configuration files for all models covered by SDD and Pathfinder. Then full editing of the car configuration files for all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles built from around 2006 - 2008 dependent on the model to present day, all vehicles that use either SDD or Pathfinder software.
The application supports SOAP encrypted *VBF files which occasionally appear from JLR. The CCF's of similar generations can be compared using the improved compare function which now allows the opening of ZIP files containing the CCF.
[Image: JLR_CCF_Editor.jpg]

JLR TOPIx Cloud (for 1 year) - $695

Land Rover 2002-2019 Full Service Manual, Wiring Diagrams - $355
Land Rover 2002-2018 Full Service Manual, Wiring Diagrams - $249
For what cars:  Ranger Rover Landrover, Defender Discovery, Ranger Rover Sport, Freelander, Evogue, Velar
Type of document:  Workshop Manual, Wiring Diagram, Body Dimension, Technical Library
[Image: Land-Rover-Service-Manual-Wiring-Diagram.jpg]

Jaguar XE 2017 Workshop Manual & Electrical Wiring Diagrams - $115
Land Rover, Jaguar 1986-2015 Electrical Guides - $55
What inside:

Electrical Guides, Technical Guides, Vehicle Specification Books, Wire Repair

JLR CCF Editor 4.8 - $199

Read VBF, search by keyword
Read header
Compare VBF files
Translation, Efg Common Code

JLR Code Access Password Generator (unlimited token) - $85


  • CCF Editor - Retrofit configuration coding

  • Odometer

  • Vehicle Programming

  • Programming upgrade/downgrade

  • Recover Keys - restore/delete

  • Defender 8 Option

  • VIN Bypass

  • VID Block Editor

  • Software download.
[Image: JLR-Code-Access-Password-Generator.jpg]

JLR Pathfinder + SDD Paper Book tricks and secrets (key learn, ccf editor retrofit and programming) - $199 (without shipping)
It consist of 318 pages.
1. Device Selection: Davina3/JLR-VCI
2. En
3. SDD engineering mode entry (Enter the seed password to enter the engineering mode; Need code calculation)
4. Enter the seed password to enter the engineering mode
5. Enter the SDD engineering mode (run the current vehicle configuration adjustment in the maintenance function for CCF configuration; CCF change only some options can be changed( non-engineering mode options are grayed out ); CCF change engineering mode can change all options)
6. Engineering mode-programming software download mode
7. Mileage adjustment recovery mode
8. Traditional IDS use in engineer mode
9. SDD code calculator introduces common functions
10. CCF-EDITOR modified vehicle configuration
11. SOFTWARE-DOWNLOAD programming (download software)
12. ODO Replace with a new device to adjust the distance
13. Summary There are a total of five SDD . engineering modes
14. Use Pathfinder System (Main Interface; login interface; to read fault code select ECU diagnosis; Clear reading fault code Click all DTC; Read data stream Enter real-time data; Read data stream Select the item that needs to read data; to replace new module programming-select the module that need to be programed)
15. Pathfinder System ECU function
16. Select the module to be programmed For example (RFA keyless module Click RFA; click to replace ECU and follow the system prompts)
17. Follow the system prompts and click Next to continue programming to completion
18. Use the Pathfinder System to update the software of the control module-select the example diagram of the module the needs to be upgraded
19. Upgraded the software of the control module, such as the IPC instrument control module. Click Update ECU and follow the prompts to completion
20. CCF edit-using with pathfinder and SDD to edit configuration
21. Use Pathfinder to change vehicle configuration (Find the VBF file and configuration; Vehicle configuration opened; pathfinder software steps)
22. How to use pathfinder to change vehicle configuration
23. L494 pointer meter changed to LCD meter 2017 new
24. After vehicle communication, enter the main interface and select ECU diagnosis
25. Click ECU diagnosis
26. Configuration progress 1,2,3
27. Completed (If you install a video cable, please contact ú to change the full-screen map)
28. Use Pathfinder keyless entry to modify, select ECU diagnosis
29. Select the keyless entry module RFA
30. Choose to replace ECU
31. 17 additional electric pedal programming Click Next and follow the prompts to complete
32. SSD engineering mode brush hide
- Miles to kilometers and brake lights
- Localization of instrument and display
- Exclusive dashboard for SVR and HST instruments
- Carbon fiber meter skin
- Radio single frequency to multi-frequency function
- Glass remote control window lift function
- Unlimited fog lights
- LG/LW RS mode (dynamic mode)
33. Original equipment solution
- Solve the LG/LW DPF fine particle filter; LG/LW SCR urea
- LG/LW 3.0 mechanical booster to increase power
- LR4/RRS with display pointer instrument finished
- Replacement of used ABS module and RCM
- The old and new fuel evaporation system problems
34. Use original equipment to restore high-end vehicle configuration
- Restore the keyless entry function; ACC function; 825 audio function; 494/405 electric suction door function; the function of the electric tailgate of various models and restore the electric tailgate of foot power; DVD function (support DTS disc, CD upload); the ambient light function; the blind spot monitoring function; the reversing image function; tire pressure monitoring function; the shift paddles; the cruise control function; the double lock function; the former radar function; the tank lock; heated/ventilated seats; the heated steering wheel;  494/405 second-generation terrain
- Change the barrel meter to LCD meter
- U.S.-regulated vehicles to restore the standard navigation method
35. Radar circuit diagram before restoration Twelve more ways to “Use original equipment to restore high-end car configuration

Need it? Write to me for details.

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-06-2023, 11:03 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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Remote Install - Scania Multi, SDP3, SDP2, XCOM, BNS II Service Tool (BST)

Scania Multi 10.2021 online (via remote desktop) 12 months - $135
Scania Multi 10.2021 online (via remote desktop) 3 months - $59
Scania Multi 10.2021 online (via remote desktop) 1 month - $35

Scania Multi 2022 - $149
Scania Multi 2020 - $75
Scania Multi is a car dealership aftermarket service. The program contains a catalog for the selection of spare parts and electronic manuals for repair and maintenance. Scania Multi works by VIN code and uses only the last 7 digits to decrypt the wines of a bus or truck. In the program there is a search by the part number, you can find out its applicability, as well as get information about the re-release of parts.
[Image: Scania-Multi.jpg]

Scania SDP3 2.52 - $155
Scania SDP3 2020 - $75
Scania SDP3 2.51 2022 Engine Marine Industrial - $155
Scania SDP3 2.51 2022 Truck Bus - $155

Scania SP2, SD2 - $55
SDP3 - Scania Diagnos + Programmer 3 (SDP3) software is designed for the diagnosis of Scania trucks and Scania industrial and marine engines. Connection to the electronic control units is done using the Scania VCI 2 or Scania VCI 3 interfaces. Depending on the version of the program, it supports work with all Scania trucks manufactured from 2004 to the present day.
[Image: Scania-SDP3.jpg]

Scania XCOM - $29
Scania XCOM - is a diagnostic tool to read, save, and modify ECU data such as trouble codes, parameters, statistic data etc. VCI2/VCI3 interface is used to connect to ECU via CAN protocol.

Supported modification of ECU data of the following types:

  • EMS – Engine management system

  • GMS – Gearbox management system

  • RET – Retarder system

  • AWD – All-wheel drive system

  • CLS – Clutch Control

  • EEC – Exhaust Emission Control

  • COO (COO7) – Coordinator

  • BWS (BCI1) – Bodywork system.
[Image: Scania-XCOM.jpg]

Scania Developer (CDEV - ECOM - XCOM) - $299
Scania CDEV supports the following operations:
  • Read ECU ID, data, parameters, fingerprint.

  • Read and erase DTC.

  • SparePart program all systems.

  • Gather all data for field test functions.

  • Load, modify, compare SOPS files.
Scania ECOM - is a program that, together with the VCI2, enables the communication between your PC and the control unit (EMS S6) on the engine.

You can carry out the following operations with ECOM:
  • Read stored fault codes and Freeze Frames.

  • Clear inactive fault codes.

  • Read information about stored working cycles.

  • Measure internal variables such as the engine speed, pressure, temperature and save them to a file.

  • Program certain parameters.
Scania BNS II Service Tool (BST) - $39
Scania BNS II Service Tool (BST) is a PC-based diagnostic program for troubleshooting and programming of the electrical system in the bodywork of Scania OmniCity, OmniLink, and Citywide buses.
[Image: Scania-BNS-II-Service-Tool-BST.jpg]

Scania SOPS - $59
The program encrypts/decrypts SOPS files (contains data on parameters and specifications of all blocks of trucks or buses). Files can be downloaded using Scania VCI2.

Scania SOPS Editor Euro-6 2022 Unlimited - $570
Supports EURO 6 Scania Sops File Encryptor/Descriptor.
  • Disable AdBlue

  • Disable EGR

  • Disable Immobilizer

  • Change VIN

  • Disable Nox Control

  • Disable Torque Reduction NOx Control

  • Disable Modify more than 300 other parameters and more
[Image: Scania-SOPS-Editor-Euro-6.jpg]

Scania AdBlue Off Remover with short instructions - $45
[Image: Scania-Ad-Blue-Off.jpg]
Need it? Write to me to discuss.

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Posted by: aleksey-ms
02-06-2023, 10:32 AM
Forum: Automotive Workshop Manuals.
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Remote Install - Honda HDS, I-HDS, EPC, Manuals, IMMO Code Generator

Honda HDS, I-HDS - $35
Honda Full (HDS, I-HDS, J2534 ECU Rewrite, Immobilizer Setup Tool, Calibration files + configure J2534 drivers tool) - $55
[Image: Honda-HDS.jpg]

Honda EPC 07.2022 - $145
Honda EPC 2020 - $65
Honda EPC 2018 - $35

Honda Electronic Parts Catalog is containing detailed information on spare parts for cars Honda, this program has a simple and intuitive interface where you can search by model, part number, VIN. Timon arrangement of right and left (LHD - RHD) covers all markets General, Asia, China, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, etc. (Excluding Japan).
[Image: Honda-EPC.jpg]

Honda Code Generator - Immobilizer - $29
[Image: Honda-Code-Generator-Immobilizer.jpg]

Honda CRV 2019 Hybrid Europe Workshop Manuals - $49
What inside: Workshop Manuals, Repair Manuals, Wiring Diagrams

Honda CRV 2012-2016 Service Manuals - $29

Honda Accord + Hybrid 2018-2019 - Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams - $115
What inside: Body Repair Manuals, Body Repair Basic, Service Manuals, Electrical Wiring Diagram (VIN search is working)

Honda Civic (FCFK) 2016-2020 Service Manuals - $49
What inside: Workshop Manuals, Service Manuals, Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Honda Brio 2012-2019 Workshop Manuals - $49
[Image: Honda-Manuals.jpg]

Honda Jazz-Fit 2007-2014 Workshop Manual - $35

Need it? Write to me to discuss.

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