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I need some help SIS 2018 - oldgms - 11-13-2018

I am trying to set up another laptop that will remain in my service truck, now i have installed sis exactly as i did on this one but it will not reconize the data disc DVDD0001 thru 0020. I have been trying for two weeks trying to figure it out now i'm at my wits end. Both DELL Inspiron with windows 8.1 as with this one i made a new folder in C:\ drive installed the disc there it shows they are there and if you open any of them it shows the data.  So where am i going wrong? Why won't this reconize the data? As an example i type in AGS now it knows it's a 345B L with a 3176 engine but it say's installed data disc 0001 thru 0020 ??????

RE: I need some help SIS 2018 - Mr AMA - 11-13-2018

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